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What Chemicals Should I Have on Hand for Pool Opening?

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What Chemicals Should I Have on Hand for Pool Opening?

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Opening your pool for the season is an exciting time, but it can also be hectic. Making sure you have everything on hand and ready to go can be a task, and you don’t want to spend those valuable pool days buying chemicals. The best way to ensure a smooth pool opening is to have all of the chemicals you are going to need on hand. 

What Chemicals Should I Have for My Pool Opening?

There are several categories of chemicals that every pool owner should ensure they have for their pool opening. These chemicals should be kept on hand throughout the pool season as well so you can keep your pool balanced and safe all season long. 

pH Balancers

One of the first things many pool owners check for is the pH level of their water. This is particularly important during a pool opening where you may not have checked levels for a while. Depending on your results, you will need to add either a pH reducer or pH-increaser  – unless your water test already shows an ideal pH. 

Calcium Increasers

Calcium is an important component of any healthy pool water, so making sure levels are where they need to be is important. If you don’t have enough calcium in your water it can harm the pool surfaces, this is particularly important for vinyl-lined pools as the liner will wear out much faster with low calcium levels. 

For your pool opening, make sure you have calcium-increasing chemicals on hand so you can get your levels to a safe spot and protect your pool. 

Stain and Scale Removers

The next chemical to consider for your pool opening is a stain and scale remover. These products eliminate harmful metals that may be in your pool water. While metals in your pool water sound scary, the primary concern here is the staining that the metals will cause within your pool. 

While stain and scale removers are effective methods for removing metals and any stains they may have caused, it is important to find and eliminate the source of the metal so fewer chemicals are needed. 


There are several options when it comes to what form of sanitizer you want to use as the pool owner. Each has its own pros and cons, so you will need to evaluate and make an educated decision before your pool opening. 

Your pool system will be based on one of the following sanitizing systems: Chlorine, Bromine, Saltwater, or Ozone/UV. 

Whichever sanitizing type you choose, make sure to have enough of the sanitizer on hand for your pool opening. 


Shock is a necessary chemical for not only a pool opening but for your entire pool season. Pool shock is a chemical (often chlorine) that is designed to raise the sanitizer level to a very high level in order to kill any missed organic contaminants including algae. The levels decrease over time, making the pool safe and cleaner than before. 


Another important chemical, particularly for pool openings, is an algaecide. If your pool hasn’t been treated during the off-season, there’s a chance algae has started to grow now that temperatures are starting to increase. Even if algae hasn’t started growing in your pool, using an algaecide early can help to prevent algae formation from the beginning. 

How Do I Know What My Pool Water Needs?

The best way to know what chemicals your pool needs is by testing the water frequently. This is best done by a professional such as Aqua Pools. By allowing the experts to test your water, you are ensuring that you get the right chemicals for your pool opening – and for the rest of the pool season.  

To make things even easier, let Aqua Pools handle your pool opening for you. No need to mess around with pool chemicals when you can have the experts do it for you. If you would rather purchase and use your own chemicals, be sure to stop by or check out our available products online.


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