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What If Somebody Pees In My Hot Tub?

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What If Somebody Pees In My Hot Tub?

what if somebody pees in my hot tub

We hope you won’t have to Google the question, “What if somebody pees in my hot tub?” but the fact of the matter is, it happens more than you might believe. Despite our attempts to educate our hot tub users, it is the case that once pee gets into our pools or hot tubs, it is there to stay. There is a prevalent myth still circulating that chlorine “kills” urine in pool or spa water. Nope. Not true.

We at Aqua Pools think that your best defense is to be prepared for the event of somebody peeing in the spa by having an arsenal of hot tub chemicals on hand and the knowledge of what action to take to rectify the problem. 

Why It’s Bad if Somebody Pees in the Hot Tub

When urine combines with chlorine in a pool or a hot tub, there is a chemical reaction that takes place, which produces a by-product called chloramines. Chloramines are actually quite irritating to the skin and eyes of bathers. Long-term exposure can cause breathing problems. Besides all that bad stuff, the idea of pee in the hot tub is disgusting. 

Your First Clue that Somebody Peed in the Hot Tub

When the chemical reaction of pee combined with chlorine occurs, you will notice a strong smell of chlorine. Chlorine on its own does not have much of an odor, so if you notice the distinctive smell of “chlorine” in the air, it is a sign that your chlorine has combined with a substance you would rather not have in your hot tub, such as pee, excessive body oil, or sweat.

What Do I Do If Somebody Pees In My Hot Tub?

If you suspect that somebody has peed in the hot tub, you will want to take immediate action. Fortunately, the method for dealing with pee in the hot tub is not much different from your typical 3-4 month hot tub maintenance procedure. (Refer to our blog post, “How Often Should I Drain and Fill My Hot Tub,” for detailed information).

You will need to flush drain the spa to remove the contaminated water. Next, scrub the hot tub out thoroughly, and remove and clean the filters. Lastly, refill the hot tub, and add new chemicals. Once the chemical levels are balanced you can re-enter your hot tub.

What Chemicals Should You Have On Hand?

Aqua Pools carries a full line of SpaGuard® hot tub chemicals to keep your spa in pristine condition on a regular basis, and to have on hand in case of special “situations”. What should you have at the ready?

  • SpaGuard’s pH increaser and pH decreaser 
  • SpaGuard’s Total Alkalinity Increaser
  • SpaGuard’s Chlorinate Concentrate
  • SpaGuard’s Enhanced Shock: a shock, clarifier, flocculent, and pH buffer all in one
  • Chemical Test Strips
  • SpaGuard Anti-Foam

How to Be Prepared if Somebody Pees in the Hot Tub

Your best line of defense is to be prepared to tackle the situation right away if somebody pees in the hot tub. You do not want to be caught short of an essential spa chemical right when you need it the most. Aqua Pools has a suggestion that could save you the headache of having to run out to the store to purchase a spa chemical you have run out of. We offer local delivery of pool and spa chemicals right to your home! Our prices are competitive and we think the peace of mind of always having the chemicals you need on hand is priceless.


Aqua Pools has you covered in case somebody pees in your hot tub. Educate your spa users that peeing in the hot tub is just not done, be prepared for emergencies by having your SpaGuard spa chemicals in good supply, and consult with our professional spa experts when you have questions. We are here for you!

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