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What is a Swim Spa and How Do You Use It?

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What is a Swim Spa and How Do You Use It?

How to use a swim spa

Swim spas have been around for a while but are becoming increasingly popular. If they have come to your attention recently, you may be wondering, “What is a swim spa and how do you use it?” A swim spa is an alternative to a swimming pool, combining many attributes of a pool and a hot tub. The primary feature of a swim spa is the strong propulsion of water created by jets that you can swim against while staying in place. However, that’s not all. A swim spa has a multitude of additional features that make it an extremely effective investment in your health, fitness, and relaxation. Let’s take a look at the many advantages of a swim spa and some of the ways you can benefit from one. 

stay fit by swimming in a swim spa

Attributes That Could Make a Swim Spa the Right Choice for You

Several main features could make a swim spa the right choice for you and your family include:

  • Space. A swim spa takes up much less space than a regular swimming pool. Backyards seem to be getting smaller, and if your space is limited, a swim spa could be a great option.
  • Cost. A swim spa could cost from 25% to 50% less than a full-sized swimming pool. They also come with a safety cover — a considerable additional saving compared to what you would pay for a full-size pool cover. 
  • Installation. A backyard swimming pool could take weeks or months to install, involving extensive site excavation, permits, and landscaping. A swim spa, on the other hand, can often be installed in a day, with just a foundation and electrical hook-up needed. 
  • Operation expenses. Because of their smaller size and lower volume of water, swim spas cost much less to operate than a regular-sized pool. For example, it takes about eight hours to completely filter the water in a swimming pool, whereas the water in a swim spa can pass through the filtration system in about an hour. You will also use fewer chemicals and have lower heating costs with a swim spa.
  • Year-round usage. A major benefit of a swim spa is that you can use it year-round, regardless of the weather. As with a hot tub, effective insulation and the safety cover keep the heat of the water contained, making it convenient to maintain your fitness and relaxation routines in the privacy of your backyard for 9-12 months out of the year. 

multi function swim spa

Placement of Your Swim Spa

A swim spa takes up much less space than a regular swimming pool but is larger than a hot tub. While the main function of the swim spa is exercise and fitness, it also combines the features of a hot tub, making it ideal for relaxation and hydrotherapy as well. When planning the placement of your swim spa, you will want to take into consideration that you may want it to be conveniently located in proximity to your house for ease of use. However, due to its size, you may not want to just plop your swim spa next to the house or in the middle of your back deck. You want to have your swim spa accessible for ease of use, but still have it an attractive feature in your backyard landscape. 

Many people install decking around their swim spas for safety and convenience, but also to make it a prominent and visually appealing feature in their backyard. With the addition of seating and lighting on your deck, your swim spa can become a spot for entertaining and an appealing destination for both exercise and relaxation. 

stay fit with a swim spa

Losing Weight with a Swim Spa

Many of us struggle to maintain our weight and stick with a fitness plan. Purchasing a swim spa could be the thing that completely transforms your weight-loss efforts. Studies such as the one recently conducted by Harvard University have shown us once again that exercise can help us control our weight. Combining regular exercise with a sensible eating plan is a guaranteed path toward weight loss.

The main reason many of us have trouble sticking to an exercise plan is that it is not convenient. Packing a gym bag and driving back and forth to a local gym for exercise usually falls by the wayside after the first few lackluster efforts. Having a swim spa conveniently located in the privacy of your backyard can make all the difference in the success or failure of your weight loss journey. Making the time to exercise conveniently at home is much more doable and likely to take place when you have a swim spa. 

lose weight with a swim spa

Staying Fit with a Swim Spa

Do you want to invest in your long-term health and fitness? Do you want to lose weight and maintain that loss? A swim spa is the answer to both of those questions. Here are some great reasons that support the fact that staying fit with a swim spa is an achievable goal.

  • Swim. Swimming is one of the best exercises for burning calories and increasing personal fitness. It promotes weight loss, cardiovascular health, and muscle strength.
  • Aerobic exercise. With the addition of a few accessories for your swim spa, you can do aerobic exercises such as rowing, walking/running on an underwater treadmill, or using a water-safe stationary bike.
  • Strength training. There are numerous strength-training exercises you can do in your swim spa with resistance bands and water weights. 
  • Low-impact aquatic exercise. The resistance of the water in a swim spa provides a highly effective environment for low-impact exercise. The water supports the joints and increases flexibility. There are many calisthenic exercises you can perform with ease in a swim spa. 

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Hydrotherapy and Relaxation

We have shown how a swim spa provides many of the physical fitness benefits of a swimming pool. When you invest in a swim spa with hydrotherapy seats, you have many options for additional ways to reduce stress and increase your enjoyment. Let’s take a look at how a swim spa combines these excellent features with those of a hot tub. 

  • Stress reduction. The warmth of the water and massaging jets can work wonders to lower anxiety and the stress we encounter in our busy world. 
  • Manage joint pain and muscle aches. The massage jets can be targeted on personal trouble spots and help manage joint and muscle pain.
  • Better sleep. As with a hot tub, routine soaks before bedtime can promote better and longer sleep.
  • Socialization and entertainment. Some swim spas come with up to eight seats, making them ideal for gathering with family and friends. 
  • Place for the family to learn and relax. Your swim spa is the ideal place to teach younger kids to swim. The warmth of the water and the familiar setting go a long way in making kids more receptive to learning. Also, gathering the family together for a designated family time is a wonderful way to enjoy more conversation and closeness with those you love.

family enjoying swim spa

Cost of a Swim Spa

The cost of a swim spa is considerably less than that of a regular inground pool. The typical range in swim spas prices is from $10,500- $45,000. This makes it a very attractive alternative to an inground pool costing from $55,000 to well over $100,000. Installation costs of a swim spa are also much less than that of a pool. In addition, over time, the maintenance costs of a swim spa are less than those of a swimming pool. A swim spa requires fewer chemicals, filtering is simpler due to the lower volume of water, and heating is more energy efficient. 

We hope we have answered the question, “What is a swim spa and how do you use it?” A swim spa is a hybrid of a swimming pool and a hot tub that provides a multitude of ways to lose weight and maintain fitness. It also features hydrotherapy and relaxation benefits. A swim spa could be the space-saving and budget-friendlier solution to that expensive inground swimming pool you have been considering. The functional diversity of a swim spa is tremendous and could be a great addition to your backyard. 

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