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What is Hydrotherapy and How Can a Spa Help?

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What is Hydrotherapy and How Can a Spa Help?


Hydrotherapy Promotes Healing Naturally

Since ancient times, people have known that hydrotherapy promotes healing. Even in ancient Greece and Rome, people used warm springs and bubbling pools to alleviate aches and pains. Modern science backs up what we already knew about water’s healing powers.

Hydrotherapy uses water as a natural tool to help the body heal itself. A hot tub is the ultimate example of hydrotherapy because it combines warm water with pulsing jets to create the perfect environment.

Reduce Joint Pain

Water eases pressure on joints by naturally supporting body weight. It allows the body to be nearly weightless. The joints get a break from the constant pressure of your body’s own weight.

Hydrotherapy Promotes Healing by Lowering Stress

Stress inundates our daily lives, but a spa can help ease that tension. The warm water works with the pulsing jets to create a massaging effect. This helps relieve the aches and pains throughout your body and allows muscles to relax. Relieving tension not only eases the pain but getting rid of stress also helps promote general wellness.

Improve Your Circulation

The heat and drumming action of the jets also helps with circulation. Studies have concluded that heart patients who use a hot tub daily after a heart attack have better outcomes than those who do not. This improved circulation assists with healing in the body.

Reduce Inflammation to Improve Health

In addition, stress reduction, muscle massage, improved circulation, and warm water works together to help diminish inflammation. Swelling throughout the body causes pain in joints and muscles. Reducing inflammation can also speed healing, reduces arthritis symptoms, and there’s even evidence that it can prevent some cancers.

Hydrotherapy Eases Your Pain

Minimizing pain is one of the most important goals of hydrotherapy. The benefits listed above work together to decrease pain in the joints and muscles. In studies of patients with fibromyalgia, after a year of consistent hydrotherapy, patients reported much lower levels of pain.

Hydrotherapy promotes healing and wellness all year long. Talk to our spa experts today to find the hot tub that is right for you. See our hot tub experts in Worth or Homer Glen or get further educated from other blog topics today.

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