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What is the Average Cost of a Swim Spa?

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What is the Average Cost of a Swim Spa?

Find out the cost of a swim spa.

Like many people, you may have considered getting a backyard swimming pool. You may be hesitating for a number of reasons: cost, space, and maintenance, among other things. We invite you to consider the alternative choice of getting a swim spa instead. The cost of a swim spa is much less than an inground pool, they take up a lot less space than a pool, and their maintenance is less complicated. In addition, with a swim spa, you can get all the benefits of aquatic exercise combined with the hydrotherapy and relaxation benefits a hot tub provides. Have we got your attention yet? You may now be asking an important question: What is the average cost of a swim spa? Read on for more information.

What do you get with a swim spa?

The main reason many people get a swim spa is the jet system that allows for swimming against a smooth current. Since one is swimming in place, not very much room is required compared to what you would need to swim laps in a regular pool. Additional aquatic exercises can be done in a swim spa with attachments that will enable rowing, running in place, and even stationary biking. You can turn your swim spa into a complete home gym with water weights and other strength-building equipment. Best of all, you can use it year-round!

One more major feature of a swim spa is that can come equipped with features that provide all the hydrotherapy and relaxation benefits of a hot tub as well.  Warm water, comfortable seating, and jets to massage various target areas will make the swim spa a popular place to unwind. It is a great place for family and friends to gather.

What is the price range of a swim spa?

The cost of a swim spa is considerably less than an inground pool. Swim spas typically range in price from $10,500 to $45,000, the average being around $20,000-$25,000. Buying a cheap swim spa is not a great idea, though, because the lower price means it has been constructed with cheaper materials that will most likely not hold up over time. Saving a bit on the purchase price of a cheap swim spa could cost you thousands of dollars over the life of the unit. Making your purchase from Aqua Pools is the best course of action — a professional dealer who can stand by the product and provide service, equipment, and supply options through the life of your purchase. When you consider the price of an inground pool ($55,000-$75,000 and higher) a swim spa is an attractive and cost-effective alternative.

Other upfront costs with a swim spa

Some other expenses that come with a swim spa are those involved with installation. After the initial cost of a swim spa, it will require site preparation, a 220V electrical supply, possible decking, and other landscaping. Will a crane be needed to put it in place? The professionals at Aqua Pools can give you an idea of what the costs entailed in setting up your specific swim spa will be.

Ongoing maintenance costs of a swim spa

The good news is that a swim spa is easier and less expensive to maintain than an inground swimming pool. The fiberglass surface resists algae and is easy to clean, the lower volume of water means more efficient filtering, and the amount of chemicals required is far less than a pool. A quality brand swim spa will feature equipment and components that will last. For example, a Marquis ATV™ will come with an energy-efficient pump that will save you a lot of money in energy costs over the years. 

Do you think a swim spa might be for you? If you are concerned about the high cost of installing an inground pool, the amount of space a pool takes up, and the price of maintenance and service, a swim spa may be the perfect alternative. What is the average cost of a swim spa? It could be half of what you would pay for a swimming pool. Aqua Pools is your number one dealer in the Chicagoland area when it comes time to purchase your swim spa. Come into one of our two locations and let’s talk about which model would suit your needs best. 

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