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What Is the Best Brand of Pool Chemicals?

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What Is the Best Brand of Pool Chemicals?

Best brand of pool chemicals

As a pool owner, you know how much enjoyment our pools provide for our families. They give us a place to relax, exercise, entertain, escape the heat, and even add value to our homes. Since pools can’t really take care of themselves, you have to invest a certain amount of time and effort in your pool’s maintenance. Your pool is a big investment that pays you back in countless hours of pleasure. We think it deserves an equal degree of love in return. A big component of good pool care is using the very best pool chemicals available. “What is the best brand of pool chemicals?” you ask. Aqua Pools has been in the pool business since 1974, and we have pretty much seen it all in terms of pool chemicals. We can say without a doubt that all pool chemicals are not the same. We’d like to share with you why we think the BioGuard® brand of pool chemicals makes the most difference to your pool.

BioGuard Dealers Get Special Training

Pool dealers who sell BioGuard pool chemicals get special ongoing training in the products and their usage. This is important because as a consumer, you want to be sold the right product for your specific issue and not have to go through a trial-and-error procedure before finding something that really works. Aqua Pools professionals will sell you the right product in the first place.

Relationship Building

At Aqua Pools, we want to build a relationship with our customers. Selling pool chemicals is not just a side business for us. Pools are our number one business, and our reputation stands on providing our customers with quality products. When you come to us with questions about what product to buy for a specific pool concern, our staff is going to listen carefully to you and recommend pool chemicals tailored to your needs. Our BioGuard training makes us the undisputed water care experts.

BioGuard Pool Chemicals Make Pool Care Less Complex

BioGuard believes that pool care needs to be effective, but it also needs to be easy. They have developed a Three-Step Pool Care System® that gives proven results. The first step is SilkGuard® tabs to sanitize the water and keep it clear of bacteria. Next, is SmartShock® to keep pool water clear, remove contaminants, and kill algae. Finally, AlgaeComplete® prevents algae and kills algae blooms, if needed. All three of these products do more than one thing — eliminating the need for extra products. Aqua Pools also offers online shopping to make keeping these products on hand convenient for you. 

Pool Chemicals to Troubleshoot Problems

There are times when a situation occurs in pool water that is out of the ordinary. As a BioGuard dealer, Aqua Pools is here for you to answer questions and come up with solutions. We will test your pool water through our computerized ALEX system and check for chemical imbalances and make recommendations for effective fixes. If you discover an issue with cloudy water, a sudden algae infestation, scale or staining, for example, or any other water issue, we can offer products that will correct the problem. Being specially trained in pool care means that we are available to listen to you and provide answers. You will not get that type of service from a discount or big box store when unexpected challenges occur.

What is the best brand of pool chemicals? Aqua Pools believes that pool care should be easy as well as effective. With our decades of experience in the pool business, we have come to believe in the importance of pool care that works for you and for your pool and its equipment. That makes us recommend BioGuard pool chemicals as a quality solution for your pool maintenance needs. Our staff is on standby to help you find the right products for your pool at our Homer Glen and Worth locations!


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