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What NOT To Do In Your Hot Tub

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What NOT To Do In Your Hot Tub

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You love your hot tub. You love it for romantic date nights, reducing stress, improving range of motion, managing chronic pain, helping insomnia, and about 100 other reasons. We are preaching to the choir when we sing the praises of hot tubs. You use it all the time and love its benefits. We get it. But did you know that there are certain things you should NOT do in your hot tub? 

No drinking and soaking.

We all know how lovely it is to sit with our favorite alcoholic beverage while we soak in the hot tub. That being said, it is crucial never to enter the hot tub when you are tipsy and to not overindulge while you are soaking. The heat intensifies the effects of alcohol and can cause dizziness, sleepiness, and even lead to accidents.

No glass. 

You are asking for trouble if you bring glass into your hot tub. Those romantic date night photos we have all seen of the couples toasting each other with long-stemmed champagne flutes are a fantasy. Don’t do it. Broken glass in the hot tub creates a huge mess to sort out and it just isn’t worth the risk of getting cut.

No treating it like a bathtub. 

Shower first. Make-up, body lotion, sunscreen, body oil: all no-no’s in the hot tub. And for goodness sake, don’t even think of adding bubble bath to the hot tub. Unless you want to completely drain it, clean the filters, scrub it down, and re-fill it with fresh water.

No pets or small kids. 

Your pet may enjoy a dip in the pool, but the hot tub is no place for Fido. It’s the same for little kids. The older kids may enjoy dipping in the spa with Mom and Dad, but it really isn’t good for tots. Pets and kids under 5, being small creatures, are not as able to regulate their body temperatures as we adults and are subject to overheating.

No open wounds. 

That sounds like common sense, but even a small wound can spread bacteria in the hot tub’s warm environment. Even if the wound is covered, it’s just a bad idea to expose it to the heat of the hot tub’s water.

No hot tubbing in a storm. 

As romantic as it sounds to soak while watching a thunderstorm, it is a REALLY bad idea. The risk of electrocution is genuine, and wouldn’t you rather skip getting struck by lightning?

No staying in too long.

Depending on the heat of your hot tub, soaking for too long can have some adverse effects. If the water temperature is over 102, don’t stay in the water for an extended period. The heat dilates your blood vessels, potentially causing all sorts of heat-related issues such as dizziness, fainting, and nausea if you over do it. Keep track of how long you are soaking, and for goodness’ sake, don’t fall asleep. 


Your hot tub was one of the best investments you ever made, and we want you to enjoy every minute in it. You can calm your mind, rejuvenate your spirits, spend time with loved ones, and enjoy countless health benefits. We hope these tips of what not to do in your hot tub will help you have an even safer, more relaxing time.


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