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What Pool Accessories Can You Add to an Existing Inground Pool?

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What Pool Accessories Can You Add to an Existing Inground Pool?

A beautiful inground pool and spa combo with plenty of opportunities to add pool accessories.

Having an inground pool is a fantastic addition to any home, providing endless hours of enjoyment and relaxation. However, if you’re looking to enhance your pool experience, there are numerous accessories available that can take your pool to the next level. What pool accessories can you add to an existing pool? Almost anything!

Here are some popular add-ons that you can bring to your existing inground pool to create a backyard pool that keeps on bringing fun and enjoyment to your home. 

Pool Accessories: Add an Automatic Pool Cover

Maybe you already have a pool cover — one of those cumbersome winter covers that you put in place after you winterize your pool. What you really need is something for year-round use. An automatic pool cover is a prime pool accessory to add to your inground pool. Not only is it phenomenal at keeping debris out of the water, which reduces the time and effort required for cleaning, but it also acts as a safety measure, especially if you have children or pets. Pool covers also aid in heat retention, reducing heat loss and saving energy, making it an incredible asset to your pool ownership all with the push of a button. An automatic pool cover is an excellent addition to your inground pool, but it’s important to note that not all existing pools are able to support an automatic cover. Call us today at (708) 301-9400 and ask about adding an automatic cover to your swimming pool. 

Welcome Water Features to Your Existing Inground Pool

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your pool by incorporating water features. Waterfalls, fountains, and jets can create a captivating visual display and add a soothing element to your swimming experience. These features not only create a relaxing atmosphere but also help circulate and aerate the water. Consider the available space and the desired effect to select the water feature that complements your pool’s design, then contact our awesome team at Aqua Pools to get started.

Incorporate Even More Fun with a Pool Slide

For a fun and exciting pool experience, consider adding a slide. These fun-for-the-whole-family accessories can turn your pool into a mini water park, providing endless entertainment for both children and adults. While you can add a pool slide to your backyard pool, if the pool wasn’t built with an existing water line, it may not be a super simple accessory to incorporate. This is another project that a professional pool builder like our Aqua Pools team should oversee to ensure proper installation. 

Step Up Accessibility with Pool Steps and Ladders 

Improving accessibility and safety, pool steps and ladders are practical additions to any vinyl liner pool. They provide easy entry and exit points, especially for those with mobility limitations. If your pool is a vinyl liner pool, you can choose from various designs such as built-in steps. Whether your pool is vinyl or fiberglass, you can also add removable ladders or handrails, depending on your pool’s configuration and user requirements. Adding steps and ladders can make your pool more inclusive and user-friendly.

Kick Back and Relax with Pool Floats and Loungers

To enhance relaxation and comfort, consider adding pool floats and loungers. These accessories provide a luxurious experience, allowing you to float and unwind in the water. Pool floats and loungers are perfect for enjoying a leisurely swim or basking in the sun while enjoying the tranquility of your pool.

By adding the right pool accessories, you can transform your existing inground pool into a haven of relaxation, entertainment, and convenience. Check out our online store or swing by our Homer Glen location to learn more about adding these pool accessories and more to your inground swimming pool. 

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