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What Should I Know About Installing a Hot Tub Indoors?

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What Should I Know About Installing a Hot Tub Indoors?

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Relaxing, relieving pain, decreasing anxiety, getting better sleep, spending more quality time with family and friends … There are so many powerful benefits to owning a hot tub. But what if you’re not too keen on the idea of an outdoor hot tub? Maybe your backyard space is short on privacy. Or, maybe you’re just thinking how nice it would be to hop in the hot tub and be perfectly comfortable, no matter the weather. In that case, how about an indoor spa? Here’s everything you need to know about installing a hot tub indoors.

The Perks of Having an Indoor Hot Tub


An indoor hot tub would provide all the privacy you could wish for. No nosy neighbors will be peering over the fence at you. No traffic noise intruding on your peacefulness. You can even use your spa sans clothing if you like. Like to listen to your tunes while you soak? Go ahead, blast away.


If you want quick access, an indoor hot tub is located right in your house, so you do not have to go outside to access it. Additionally, you can use it any time of the day or night as your schedule or wishes dictate. Furthermore, there is no need for sunscreen or shade in the summer or dashing through the snow to the backdoor during the winter.


Did a kid go off to college and free up a spare room? Do you have space in your basement? If you have room to designate for an indoor hot tub, there’s no better way to use it!

Lower Heating Costs

According to Consumer Affairs, it’s less expensive to heat an indoor hot tub because of the controlled indoor environment. This is especially true during the cooler months.


If your hot tub is indoors, you will not have leaves or any other debris falling into it. That means your water will stay balanced for longer.

So that all sounds pretty good, right? Well, hang on, there are a few other things to keep in mind before deciding if an indoor hot tub is for you.

The Must-Do’s of Installing a Hot Tub Indoors

Installation Extras

Installation can be tricky with an indoor spa. You’ll probably need to hire a contractor to make some modifications so your hot tub can be maneuvered into place. For instance, your doorways and hallways are probably too small for your hot tub to fit through. If you’ve got any remodeling scheduled, it could be the perfect time to install an indoor hot tub, while you’ve already got contractor work happening.


The average hot tub weighs between 3500 to 5000 pounds when filled with water. There is every possibility that your floor will need substantial reinforcement.

Plumbing & Electrical

Where is your water source? Do you have easily accessible running water?  How about electrical outlets? You will need an outlet plus a ground fault circuit interrupter. This calls for plumbers and professional electricians.

Drains, Flooring, Walls, & Ceilings

You will need to install a drain. Without one, spilled or displaced water will cause damage to your flooring. Also, the flooring material will need to be non-slip and water-resistant.

The heat, condensation, and humidity that your hot tub produces can also be damaging to your walls and ceilings, so you’ll want to install specialized water-resistant vapor coverings to prevent moisture damage.

You’ll also need an efficient ventilation system to alleviate condensation and dampness. 

If you’re considering an indoor hot tub, we hope this has answered all of your questions about the process. In the end, your decision to install a hot tub inside will be dictated by how you want to use it, if your space can accommodate the installation, and the amount you are willing to spend to make it happen.

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