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When is Your Hot Tub Overdue for Maintenance?

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When is Your Hot Tub Overdue for Maintenance?

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Your life changed the day that you purchased your hot tub. It has brought you so much enjoyment. Your stress levels are better, you feel more relaxed, and your physical and mental health are better than they’ve been in years. Wouldn’t you like to keep that feeling for as long as possible?

Your hot tub is designed to last for years. And with a simple check once a week you can help to ensure that it will continue to bring you joy and rest for a long time. You don’t have to buy a lot of expensive chemicals or equipment to keep your hot tub maintained. All you really need are your eyes and your nose.

Seeing Is Believing

The first step in maintenance is taking a look at your hot tub. What does the water look like? If it looks cloudy or milky, you could have a buildup of fine particles. That means you need to replace the filter which is easy enough. 

Green water means that you have algae. That sounds scary but it isn’t a big deal. It happens when the pH levels get a little high. At Aqua Pools we have BioGuard algicides that can help you get rid of that problem. Then you just need to readjust your pH balance.

Follow Your Nose

Sometimes the water looks fine but the smell is a little off. Different scents can mean different things. If you detect a heavy chemical smell then it could mean that there is too much sanitizer. If the smell is more musty then you don’t have enough. The cure for both of these is the same. Use a BioGuard oxidizer to balance things out.

Other smells could mean that you have some bacteria. You don’t want that. It’s easy to keep your family safe by using a test strip on your water once a week.

If you’re ever in doubt about what your hot tub needs then feel free to give us a call. We offer free water testing to help you keep your focus on where it should be, your enjoyment of your hot tub. We have locations in Worth and Homer Glen. Visit our website or come see us on Facebook and Twitter.

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