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Where to Place Your Hot Tub

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Where to Place Your Hot Tub

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So, you’ve made the decision to get a hot tub. Excellent! You may have spent quite a lot of time planning on how you will use it, choosing your model, and anticipating many pleasant hours spent soaking in that soothing, warm water. However, before the delivery crew turns up with your new spa, there is one more thing to think about. One of the most important decisions you will make concerning your hot tub is where to locate it. Keep in mind, it isn’t easy to move a hot tub once it is in place. It is essential to get its placement right from the get-go. There are a number of considerations to keep in mind as to where to place your hot tub, so let’s go over a few important factors.

What is Supporting It?

A filled hot tub can weigh over 3,000 pounds, so it must be placed on a surface that is both level and structurally sound enough to support it. A reinforced concrete pad is ideal, but a level area with gravel also works well. There are also ready-made hot tub pads that can be placed under a hot tub which distribute the weight evenly. 

How Will You Use Your Hot Tub?

What is your primary purpose in getting a hot tub? If it is for socialization and entertainment, you may want to place it in a central area that is appropriate for gathering. If you have a pool, you may want to place your hot tub proximate to it, as many people like to combine both swimming and hot tubbing. Alternately, if you plan to use your hot tub for hydrotherapy, relaxation, or quiet sessions with your spouse, a more private location will be preferable.

Will Your Hot Tub Be Easy to Access?

The most popular location for a hot tub is in the backyard. However, if you place your hot tub some distance from your house, you may ultimately find that location inconvenient. Ideally, your hot tub should be placed steps away from your house, near a bathroom and a place to change clothing. If you use your hot tub all seasons of the year or want to use it before bedtime, trekking across the lawn will not be enjoyable, so do locate it near the house. 

Privacy is Important

No one wants to use their hot tub in view of passersby or neighbors. It is easy to create privacy around your hot tub with fencing, umbrellas, landscaping, or other privacy screens. If you place your hot tub in its own private space, it will feel like more of a retreat. Get creative in devising a “room” specifically meant for relaxing, unwinding, and taking care of yourself.

Maintenance is a Fact of Life

The fact is, if you have a hot tub, it needs to be maintained. You need room to get around it when you are cleaning it, testing the water, or performing other chores. Typically, 12-24 inches on all sides is considered ample. In addition, you want to be sure the service doors are accessible should the time ever come that you need to have your hot tub serviced. Be sure to allow enough clearance space for all your hot tub related chores.

You did it! You made the decision to get that hot tub, and you will not regret it. There are years ahead of you full of relaxation, socialization, hydrotherapy, and improved health. The question of where to place your hot tub is an important one. We hope our tips have helped you narrow down your choices. Aqua Pools is your primary source for all things hot tub related: supplies, chemicals, and service. Our expert staff is on hand to answer all your questions!

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