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Why a Robotic Pool Vac is Right for You in 2021

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Why a Robotic Pool Vac is Right for You in 2021

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When you dreamed of having a backyard pool, the image you had in mind was relaxing in a chaise lounge, sun on your cheeks, breeze in your hair, the joyful sound of your family frolicking around you. Certainly spending hours each week manually vacuuming your pool wasn’t your primary vision. While it is true that pools do not clean themselves, a robotic pool cleaner can make shorter work out of that particular task. What’s holding you back? Let’s take a look at why a robotic pool vac is right for you in 2021.

Energy Saving

A robotic pool vacuum works independently from your pool pump and filtration system. It is self-contained, plugs right into an electrical outlet, and uses around the same voltage as a 60 watt light bulb. Having its own power source will make your pool pump last longer. Also, the efficiency of a robotic pool vac means less debris clogging your filter. Who doesn’t want lower electric bills and less wear and tear on pool components?

Superior Cleaning 

A robotic pool vacuum picks up small particles a manual or suction cleaner misses. Dust, algae, and bacteria will be no match for its powerful suction action. It climbs pool walls, gets into small corners, and even tackles steps. A robotic pool vac does a thorough cleaning job, leaving no patches of algae left to grow in an untreated area. The biggest advantage a robotic pool cleaner has over all other sorts of cleaners is its smart navigation feature. It is able to map out the most efficient cleaning map and get the job done better and in less time.

Use Fewer Chemicals

A clean pool requires fewer chemicals than a dirty pool. Reducing the level of chemicals in your pool is a clear advantage, but another bonus? A robotic vac can spread the chemicals you have used throughout the pool more evenly than your pump alone.


If you’ve been manually cleaning your swimming pool because you think it’s cost-efficient, we’ve got some GREAT news! When you compare it to the alternative cost of wear on your pool components, using more chemicals over time, and having higher electrical bills, purchasing a robotic pool vac begins to seem a cost-saving measure. The long term benefits far outweigh the initial cost.

It’s the Future

The advanced technology of an automated robotic pool vacuum is simply the wave of the future. The latest models are programable, can be operated remotely, and do a better job than pool cleaners of the past. They won’t miss spots, get stuck in corners, or do a slipshod job. Your time is valuable, let a robotic pool vacuum do the work for you. 

We hope by now you are convinced of the many reasons a robotic pool vac is right for you in 2021. Aqua Pools carries the Hayward SharkVac XL®, one of the best robotic pool vacs in the industry. With its advanced technology, superior cleaning capability, and energy-saving costs, you could not make a better choice. Instead of spending hours cleaning your pool, sit in your chaise lounge and watch your robotic pool vac do the work for you! Call us today and start the process of making your pool maintenance tasks easier.

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