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Why are Eggcessories Such Popular Grill Accessories?

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Why are Eggcessories Such Popular Grill Accessories?

Eggcessories for a Big Green Egg

Eggcessories are quickly becoming the go-to choice for any grilling enthusiast looking for a convenient and efficient way to create delicious meals — particularly with their Big Green Egg. When it comes to eggcessories, there is something for everyone. From grill cleaning products to cookbooks, there are sure to be some eggcessories that will spice up your grilling experience. They are some of the most popular grill accessories due to their versatility, convenience, quality, and range of use. The wide array of eggcessory options allows you to customize your grilling setup according to your individual needs.

Eggcessory Options

With over 100 different eggcessories available, it may be difficult to narrow down which fit best for your grilling needs — maybe you need them all! Let’s go over a few. 

Stainless BBQ Tool Set

Stainless BBQ tool set

This three-piece barbecue tool set is a must when it comes to eggcessories. The durable stainless steel shafts keep heat away from your hands while the solid wood handles provide a secure and comfortable grip. 

Grill Tongs provide an easy way to grip and turn meat or seafood, while the Grill Spatula is perfect for flipping burgers, pancakes, and French toast. Lastly, the Silicone Basting Brush is great for basting the food with marinade or adding your favorite glaze or sauce for extra flavor. With this complete set of tools, you can grill and enjoy delicious meals with ease and safety.

Big Green Egg Cookbook

The Big Green Egg cookbook

With the Big Green Egg cookbook, you can unlock all of your Big Green Egg’s potential with over 160 delicious recipes that are easy to follow. This 320-page hardcover book includes full-color photography and provides an abundance of ideas to inspire and enhance your culinary creativity. 

With the Big Green Egg Cookbook in your kitchen, you’re sure to find mouthwatering meals that will take your grilling game to the next level. Adding this eggcessory to your collection is sure to make an impact on your grilling skills. 

Big Green Egg Seasonings

Big Green Egg seasonings

Get creative with this eggcessory and add some flavorful flair to your dishes with the Big Green Egg Seasonings. These seasonings can be used as a dry rub and applied 30 minutes or more before cooking for bolder flavor, or sprinkled directly onto foods before you cook. Use them in your favorite recipes for an extra burst of flavor that will make any meal come alive. With the Big Green Egg Seasonings, it’s never been easier to give dishes a delicious finishing touch.

EGG Covers

EGG Cover

An EGG cover is a must for every Big Green Egg owner. Keep your grill in top condition with these durable and stylish EGG Covers. These heavy-duty covers are ventilated and weatherproof, making them an ideal choice for protecting your investment against fading and all kinds of extreme temperatures. With an EGG Cover, you can rest assured that your beloved Big Green Egg will remain looking like new, season after season.

Rotisserie Kit

Rotisserie kit

Your Big Green Egg can do a lot, but have you considered adding a rotisserie option? With the rotisserie kit eggcessory, you can quickly and easily transform your Big Green Egg into a wood-fired rotisserie. 

This complete set features a powerful and quiet 120V motor, coated steel ring attachment for optimal heat and flavor retention, traditional spit, as well as flat or tumbler-style rotisserie baskets. The durable 304 stainless steel construction also includes an etched aluminum logo plate making this the perfect addition to any BBQ experience. 

With this kit, you can impress your guests with professional, even results each time you cook.

Where to Buy Eggcessories

Aqua Pools is an authorized dealer of Big Green Egg and their eggcessories. Our knowledgeable staff are familiar with the products and can help you make your eggcessory decisions with expert advice. Purchasing your eggcessories in-store allows you to handle the products to better decide which ones are right for your grilling experience.

Come in and see us in Homer Glen, to see what all Big Green Egg has to offer you in the way of eggcessories. We look forward to helping you in your journey to a Big Green Egg grill master!

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