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Why is a hot tub cover important?

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Why is a hot tub cover important?

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Every part of your hot tub has a unique function. You take special care of the pump, jets and the tub itself to make sure that they continue performing like the first day you stepped into your hot tub. Yet, when it comes to your cover, the treatment isn’t the same. You use it to cover the tub. You toss it here or there when it isn’t needed and you don’t worry about it too much. In reality, your hot tub cover plays a pretty important role in keeping your hot tub performing at its best. Let’s look at all the ways your cover helps your hot tub.

Keeps The Integrity of Your Water

Having a well maintained cover keeps the integrity of your water high. Your cover is a major player when it comes to keeping your hot tub hot. When your cover is compromised either by cracks, ripped seams, or damaged insulation; you lose precious heat. A poorly functioning hot tub cover can also cause sanitation problems. As water evaporates out of your tub, so do the chemicals that are working to keep your water clean. When a cover becomes mildewed, it can also create a bad situation for your hot tub water. Luckily, all of these things can be avoided by keeping your hot tub cover in tip top shape.

Keeps Operating Costs Low

It might not have occurred to you, but when your cover is not functioning properly it is costing you money. If your hot tub cover has become waterlogged it has basically lost all of its insulating properties. When your tub is not properly insulated, your heater is working overtime to maintain its temperature and you are the one footing the bill. When all of the chemicals that you are putting into your tub start evaporating because your cover isn’t fitting or functioning properly, you are having to spend even more money.  By regularly checking your cover for rips, holes, mildew or signs of waterlog, you can save yourself money and a lot of headache.

Keeps Your Overall Enjoyment High

Your cover is actually playing a very important role in how much you enjoy your hot tub. You get the most enjoyment out of your hot tub when it is running smoothly and not causing you additional work. To keep that enjoyment in tact, you need to take great care of your hot tub cover just like you do every other aspect of your tub. Every time you remove your cover do a quick check. Look for any signs of wear or rips that may be starting. The seams are a common area for problems, so pay special attention to them. Notice how your cover feels. It should be light and easy to move. If it starts to become heavy, then it is probably starting to take on water. You should also take action if you notice a musty or foul smell coming from your cover. That could indicate the presence of mildew. Addressing any of these concerns at the first sign will help you get the most out of your hot tub cover and in turn your hot tub itself.

If you are noticing any signs of wear, it might just be time for a new hot tub cover from Aqua Pools. We carry high quality covers so our customers have impeccable water, low energy bills and maximum enjoyment. Come see us. We would love to get you the new cover your hot tub deserves.

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