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Why is a hot tub great for families

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Why is a hot tub great for families

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Traditionally, the hot tub market has belonged to the empty nesters. The kids are grown and out of the house. You have a little more discretionary income and a lot more time, so you invest in a hot tub. It just makes sense, but waiting until the kids leave the house to invest in a hot tub might be a big mistake. Hot tubs are actually great for families with children too. No matter what age your children are, there are benefits to enjoying a hot tub together as a family.

Families with Young Children

When your children are young the days are fast and furious. It is easy for parents to become overwhelmed. A hot tub is the perfect place for these families to slow down for a minute. Mom and Dad can catch a minute of relaxation while the kids enjoy swimming year round in their hot tub “swimming pool”.

Having regular exposure to a small body of water with their mom and dad close by will also help children become more comfortable with the water. A skill that will benefit them throughout life. As always safety measures should be taken. Your child shouldn’t hot tub with you until they can stand flat on the bottom of the tub with their head above water. The temperature should also be turned down as young children are more susceptible to overheating. With a few safety precautions family time in the hot tub will quickly become everyone’s favorite part of the week.

Families of Teens and Tweens

As your children get older they can still enjoy great benefits from family time spent in the hot tub. Tweens and Teens are becoming increasingly stressed and rates of depression for this age group are shockingly high. Just as it does for adults, regular hot tub use can decrease stress and help to fight off mild depression in Tweens and Teens. The hot tub is also a great place for you to have uninterrupted time to talk. It is amazing how much your kids will open up when they are given face to face time with their parents in a non-threatening environment, like a hot tub. You will be pleasantly surprised by how much more connected you feel with regular family hot tub use.

Families with Big Age Gaps

For families that have a large age gap in their children, it can be difficult to find activities that are enjoyable for everyone. These families spend a lot of time with one child enduring something that the other enjoys. A hot tub is the perfect solution. Older children enjoy the hot tub just as much as younger children. It is a place that everyone can feel like they are on an even playing field. There are a number of games and hot tub activities that bridge the age gap, providing fun family time for everyone.

Overall Family Benefits

No matter what age your children are, the memories you make and bonds that your family will develop from regularly hot tubbing together are priceless. From hot tub family movie nights to stargazing in the water, there is absolutely no substitute for the family time that a hot tub can bring.

Don’t wait until you are an empty nester. Invest in that hot tub now. Enjoy it while your kids are young. Use it to connect with them during those difficult teen years. Then when they are finally grown and out of the house enjoy all of the extra leg room. If you are ready to invest in your family, come see us at Aqua Pools. We would love to help you find the perfect family hot tub to enjoy through every season of life.

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