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Why the Number of Jets in a Hot Tub is Meaningless (and What is Important)

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Why the Number of Jets in a Hot Tub is Meaningless (and What is Important)

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Have you been considering getting a hot tub or upgrading to a more deluxe model?  Once you zero in on the budget for a hot tub, you will start to evaluate the features you believe are essential for your optimum enjoyment. The size of the hot tub, the number of seats, type of seating, special lighting, waterfall effects: your list may be as long as your arm!  When you consider the jets in your hot tub, you may be thinking the more the better, right? Well, it turns out that thought is a common misconception shared by many potential hot tub buyers. Do you think the more jets you have, the better massage you will get? At times, that could not be further from the truth. Let’s take a look at why the number of jets in a hot tub is meaningless, and what IS important. 

Placement of Jets

If you are purchasing a hot tub for its hydrotherapy benefits, the placement of the jets is very important. Do you have back or neck issues? Then clearly, you will want to target your massage in those areas.  Are you a runner or do you do serious lower body workouts? In that case, you may want a massage on your legs and hips. It is important to select a hot tub that has jets that will benefit different areas of the body and specific areas unique to your needs.

Variety of Jets

Hot tub jets come in different forms. There are rotational jets that move the water in a circular pattern, which benefits the shoulders, back, and neck. Then there are directional jets which are aimed to target specific areas with a stronger and more concentrated massage. Pulsating jets can be very soothing to sore muscles or arthritic joints. There are even some jets that have multi-sized ports that deliver more than one strength of water jet at the same time. A variety of jets is the best choice to give multiple hydrotherapy benefits. Instead of concentrating on the number of jets your hot tub has, focus on what you want them to do.

Strength of Jets

One thing to think about when it comes to the number of jets in your hot tub is how much power is behind them. If you have one jet pump and 100 jets, the power generating the jets is going to be diminished if it is spread out among so many outlets. When purchasing a hot tub, you want to be sure there is enough horsepower to give the jets the power they need to provide a good massage. A rule of thumb is that there should be a jet pump for every 30 jets.

Size of the Hot Tub

The number of jets you have in your hot tub should be in proportion to the size of your hot tub. Scores of jets spread throughout a large hot tub are not necessarily going to provide a lot of hydrotherapy power. Fewer jets in a smaller hot tub will give a more effective massage. A two-seater hot tub with only 30 jets will provide a very satisfactory hydrotherapy experience. A larger size hot tub will require additional jets and jet pumps. 

The number of jets in a hot tub is meaningless. What is important is:

  • Proper jet placement to focus on target areas
  • A variety of jets to provide different types of massage
  • Pump strength powering the jets
  • Size of the hot tub in proportion to number of jets

The fact of the matter is the best hot tub manufacturers get these important factors correct. Aqua Pools is proud to carry Marquis® hot tubs, which are designed to provide you with the ultimate hot tub hydrotherapy massage experience. Stop by our showrooms and work with our professional staff to determine the hot tub features that best meet your needs. We have the jets you want, with the power you need for an incredible soak each and every day of the year.


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