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Your Complete List of Hot Tub Dos and Don’ts for Wintertime

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Your Complete List of Hot Tub Dos and Don’ts for Wintertime

A Marquis hot tub in a winter background setting. There is a man soaking in the water.

As the chilly winds embrace us and winter settles in, there’s nothing quite like a relaxing soak in your hot tub to keep the frosty blues at bay. To ensure your winter spa experience is as delightful as the season itself, come discover a comprehensive list of dos and don’ts, with Aqua Pools at your service every step of the way.

Do: Embrace the Warmth

There’s a unique magic in sinking into the warmth of your hot tub on a crisp winter day. Allow the bubbling water to envelop you, creating a cocoon of comfort amidst the chill. Winter is the perfect time to fully indulge in the therapeutic warmth your spa provides.

Don’t: Overlook Spa Maintenance 

While winter may cast a serene spell, don’t let it distract you from your hot tub’s maintenance needs. Aqua Pools is your ally in this endeavor. From filter checks to heater inspections, our dedicated team ensures your spa is in optimal condition and ready to defy the winter chill.

Do: Mind the Water Level

Winter’s cool touch can lead to increased evaporation. Regularly check and adjust your hot tub’s water level, topping it off as needed. Maintaining the proper water level not only guarantees optimal performance but also safeguards your spa against potential issues.

Don’t: Forget About Spa Chemicals 

Even in the winter months, spa chemistry is paramount. Regularly test and adjust the water’s pH and sanitizer levels. Aqua Pools offers a range of quality spa chemicals, ensuring your hot tub water remains pristine for a safe and enjoyable soak throughout the season.

Do: Invest in a Quality Cover

Consider a durable, insulated cover as your hot tub’s winter armor. Aqua Pools carries top-notch covers designed to retain heat, reduce energy costs, and keep debris at bay. Securely covering your spa is an investment in both efficiency and longevity.

Don’t: Stay in Too Long

While the warmth of your hot tub beckons, moderation is key. Prolonged soaking can lead to dehydration. Take breaks, stay hydrated, and relish your spa in measured intervals. It’s about savoring the quality of the experience over the quantity of time spent.

Do: Explore Aromatherapy

Elevate your winter hot tub experience with the enchanting scents of aromatherapy. Consider adding lavender, eucalyptus, or cedar scents for an extra layer of relaxation and rejuvenation. Let the soothing aroma complement the warmth of your spa, creating a sensory symphony.

Don’t: Neglect the Surroundings

Transform your hot tub into a winter oasis by paying attention to the surrounding area. Add festive lights, blankets, and even a heat lamp to make the space inviting and cozy. Your backyard can become a retreat that beckons you in, even on the coldest nights.

Do: Consider Winter Accessories

Enhance your winter hot tub experience with a fun selection of winter accessories. From cozy towels to fluffy robes, bring everything you need to elevate your winter soak to the next level. Pamper yourself in style as you revel in the warmth of your spa.

Don’t: Ignore Energy Efficiency

As you enjoy unending warmth, don’t ignore energy efficiency. Ensure your hot tub settings are optimized to conserve energy. Aqua Pools offers tips and products to help you make your winter spa experience eco friendly and cost effective.

Do: Visit Aqua Pools for All Your Hot Tub Needs

For all things hot tub related, Aqua Pools is your trusted partner. From expert advice and top-quality products to service on your Marquis® spa, we’re here to make your winter hot tub experience exceptional. Visit us today, and let the warmth of Aqua Pools accompany you on your winter wellness journey.


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