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Your Handy Checklist For Safe Swimming

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Your Handy Checklist For Safe Swimming

safe swimming

Swimming is one of America’s favorite pastimes. Parents enjoy swimming with their kids. Watching them conquer their fears, learn new things, and the laughter that radiates from them as they splash brings back memories of their own childhood summers spent at the pool. As a parent, that enjoyment also comes with a certain amount of fear. Somewhere around 300 drownings happen per year. Another 2,000 people end up in the emergency room with water-related injuries each year. So how do you keep our little ones safe? Here is a short checklist to ensure that your summer of swimming is safe and fun!

  1. Make sure your pool has a secure fence around it. A self-closing gate that is not easily opened by unsupervised children is ideal.
  2. Invest in a pool alarm. Have an alarm on your gate that you can hear inside the home. You can also get a water alarm that goes off if something disturbs the water surface such as a child or pet falling in. This is an added layer of protection that you will be grateful for if the unthinkable happens.
  3. Always supervise your children, even in shallow water. Children can drown in as little as two inches of water. Don’t be distracted by a phone call or other conversations. When you are watching your kids swim you are the lifeguard.
  4. Be prepared for the worst. Have safety equipment clearly visible and ready so you can act quickly if something goes wrong. Flotation devices, shepherds hooks, and other safety equipment are well worth the cost for the peace of mind that they bring.
  5. Be prepared yourself. Learn basic first aid and CPR. Make sure anyone who watches your children such as a babysitter is also trained in these areas.
  6. Don’t swim alone. Just because your child is a good swimmer, doesn’t mean they can’t drown. Don’t let them swim alone, even if they are older or even teenagers.
  7. Remove all toys from the pool when finished swimming for the day. Take away the temptation. You don’t want a child to go back for a toy later when you’re not watching.
  8. Have a way to contact emergency services, like a cell phone, with you while outside at the pool. You don’t want to have to run inside to find a phone if you need someone fast.
  9. Keep your pool chemicals locked up and out of reach. Certain pool chemicals are very dangerous when not handled properly. Children should never handle pool chemicals.
  10. When having a pool party or several children over, make sure adults are taking turns watching the kids. Several children drown each year with adults around because everyone thinks that someone else is watching the kids.
  11. Cover your pool when it’s not being used for an extended period of time. Automatic Pool Covers make it easy to cover your pool any time that it is not in use. They are a great option if children will be around the pool at all.
  12. Talk to your kids about pool safety. Have them take a class about self-rescue techniques or teach them yourself. The more they know, the safer they will be.

Swimming is a great way to spend a summer day, but only if proper safety procedures are followed. Keep these 12 safety procedures in mind and you will have the safest summer yet. Come see us at Aqua Pools, we have everything you need to keep your pool safe and make your summer fun! 

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